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Kaltblut Magazine interview



- You Are Conditional, Gross Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel, September 2013. Curator: Neomi Shalev.
- Peacock Bar, Tel-Aviv, Israel, July 2012 - March 2013. Curator: Rani Arieli.
- Self portraits, collaboration with the musician Michal Geva in an acoustic performance 
  at the opening, SALOONA art bar, Jaffa, Israel, April 2011. Curator: Bosmat Hareuveni.
- Self portraits, Ephrat Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel, September 2010. Curator: Bosmat Hareuveni.


- Photography as a Connecting Tool, Museum of Photography Tel-Hai, Israel
- Being Is Parting, Hanina gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Curator: Reuma Chayot.

- IMAGINATION, the annual fundraiser exhibition for the Israel Aids Task Force, Bank HaPoalim    

  Headquarters, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

- Germans and Israelis, organized by the German-Israeli Association, The Bundestag, Berlin. 
- LOAD, art exhibition by LaCULTURE, KULI ALMA, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
- Religion.Freedom.City., art exhibition, The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Potsdam, Germany.
- Leroy Brothers exhibition, Witness Your World-Testimonies Of The Network Users, Spazio Borgogno gallery,   Milan, Italy.   
- Inside-Out, an exhibition for international woman's day, Studio Art-Gallery,Tel-Aviv, Israel.

- Art exhibition by LaCULTURE, Mazeh 9 Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
- Religion.Freedom.City., art exhibition, Mantra, Jerusalem, Israel.
- Tel-Aviv Photo Fair 2014, The Orient Fair near Tel-aviv port, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
- Leroy Brothers show, Witness Your World, At The Gallery Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium. 

- ShooRot ShooRot, Haduvdevan-culture club, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
- Leroy Brothers show, Windows to the world, Guy Pieters Gallery, Saint-Paul de Vence, France.
- Prime Time, Kastiel Compound, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
- Samples 2, Jaffa Art Salon, Jaffa port, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
- Tel-Aviv Photo Fair 2013, exhibition space at 22 Nachmani St.,Tel-Aviv, Israel. 
- Heaven, collaboration with the indie rock band Chuva which launched their single Heaven
  The Container, Jaffa port, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

- Don't Give a Fast, Paulina Stash, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
- Self Portrait, Gross Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
- Tel-Aviv Photo Fair 2012, hangar 2, Jaffa port, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
- Think you're smART?, hangar 1, Jaffa port, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

- Happiness, HESEG House, Tel-Aviv, Israel. A collaboration with the Larger Than Life organization
  which its goal is to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of children with cancer and their families.
  The proceeds from the sales were a donation for the organization. 
- Samples, HaTachana (The Station) Compound, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
- I'm Not Just a Profile part 2, espressobar coffee shop, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
- Tel-Aviv Photo Fair 2011, exhibition space in 12 Rothschild St., Tel-Aviv, Israel.
- I'm Not Just a Profile part 1, Maxim Club, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
- Oh My G*d, Maxim Club, Tel-Aviv, Israel.


- I'm published in the book Il corpo solitario Vol. 3 by Giorgio Bonomi.

- I'm published in a book inspired by Simone de Beauvoir's quote "One is not born, but rather becomes, a

  woman", which features Israeli women poets and photographers, edited by Riky Cohen.
- I'm published in the book Nude Closeup By EG Irwin.

- I filmed and edited a video clip for musician Avigail Roz, directed by Bosmat Hareuveni.

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